I am thankful for the beautiful soul that is Renee! She captured a side of me that I knew was there, but wasn't sure existed. I was so appreciative for her calmness and professionalism. In the same breath, she was caring and kind. I was very impressed with how much we accomplished in our session. We had a whole conversation about my life and my vision for the shoot. Thank you Renee for helping me feel comfortable and beautiful during our time together.-Valerie C.

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Hey! I'm Nee and I've been laughing since 1985. What you can't hear is the snort that probably followed right after it. It can be so embarrassing sometimes.  

Hey! I'm Nee and I've been laughing since 1985. What you won't hear is the snort that probably followed right after it. It can be so embarrassing sometimes.  But, when I'm not busy enjoying  a belly hurting laugh, you can find me working on photography, and helping my clients celebrate their life's milestones.

I became a photographer 6 years ago when I realized that It's an extension of who I am, creatively. Recently I, transitioned out of young adult ministry to teach English in Nicaragua and am now serving you full time. 

I love serving the world by helping people overcome fear and things they struggle with  by telling my story, + living the life of my dreamiest dreams, by telling stories about how yours touches mine and spurs me on to believing in fearless love.

If you want to hear more about those stories, you can go here, it might make you laugh, it might make you cry, it might make you smile. 

I'd really love to connect with you more, and hear about your story. Trust me, I need to hear yours too, it's what keeps me going. You can connect with me here to tell me about all about what you're wanting to celebrate. 

We'll chat soon,


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Renee Jael


I love NY. I've traveled there ever year for the past 19 years.  I'm originally from Trinidad but have lived in ATL for the past 16 years. I know the math is complicated but that's a part of my story, too.  My dad, stepmom and siblings live in Brooklyn. Visiting them and  wandering around the city, shows, DUMBO are just  some of my favorite things.  



I discovered my love for Matcha when I was taking a break from coffee a couple years. Ago, it's literally my favorite thing and everyone knows it. LOL. 


Told ya I love it. My photographer friend, Kiyah introduced me to Matcha Soft Serve and I hunted it down during my last NYC trip. It's the best thing ever, i'm telling you. (and i'm veryyy picky)

Just more matcha

 I was born and raised in Trinidad and as many times as I can remember every holiday and summer my mom and I were at the beach with family or sometimes she'd just take me. I miss it, all the time. 

The Beach

I LOVE style. oh my gosh!! I just can't tell you how much I do. My mom sewed my outfits and I even designed my own and got them made. It's a thing we do in Trini and it's just such a huge part of what I love doing. I love helping people look their best too, so much so that I incorporated it right here, come see! Gosh, i love it! 



Thank you!

Can't wait to hear more about you + how we can document your journey. 

Look out for more details in 24-48 hours. 

-Renee Jael